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Well, today was alright i suppose.

When I got up this morning, nokoru informed me that she wasn't able to get in the room with me this semester. Someone had already signed up to be in the other room for next year. >_< So her, sanoken, Ashley and me went over to where you sign up to ask if it would be possible for us to get a room at all. Of course, they said it wasn't possible. But thats because the system is so fucked up, no one is able to room with people that they actually want to unless you squat. But of course, people who already live here in erickson cannot switch to a different room until everyone else has a chance. >_< I fucking hate these people. They are so stupid...

Other than that, today was alright. I have realized my love for Full Metal Alchemist. That show is so adorable... sanada said she would give me her CD's with all the episodes so that I may indulge myself among all the shotay goodness. ^__^

I signed up for classes very easily this semester. I am excited because I actually got into a PE class for next semester!! Its the same class with hakudoushi!!! I am so happy!! :D:D Well, not that I will be walking and jogging... but I need the excersize.

No new naruto chapter this week... *sighs* Damn you, Golden Week!!!
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