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Not much to say today. My head still hurts. Cheerios doesnt wash her hands after she uses the bathroom. Itachi is positively gay. and Destiny.

Thats about it.

I stole this from hakudoushi

[a]ge: 21

[b]estfriends: Rachel, Lisa

[c]hoice of meat: Steak

[d]ream date: Umm... I've never really thought about it that much.

[e]xciting adventure: Hmmmmm... I don't think i've ever had an adventure... I used the wander around the woods with my cousins a lot when i was younger. That was always fun.

[f]avorite food: pizza, salmon, bread of most any kind

[g]reatest accomplishment: You know? I don't think i've really accomplished that much in life thats great...

[h]appiest day of your life: Graduating high school.

[i]nterests: Chemistry, Japanese culture and language, psychology.

[j]ello: I HATE JELLO.

[k]ool aid: AND KOOLAID

[l]ove: ...its destiny! *smacks head*

[m]ost valued: my friends, my mother and brothers. I love them more than anything else in the world.

[n]ame: Renee Lynn

[o]utfit you wore to school today: Jeans, inuyasha t-shirt, sandals

[p]izza topping: pepperoni, and lots of it

[q]uestion most asked: What the shit is this?

[r]adio station: 97.1

[s]port: I LOVE to watch tennis

[t]elevision show: Simpsons, south park, family guy, whose line is it anyway and most any gameshow

[u]r favorite song: thats a tough one...

[w]here you live: Baltimoire

[x]pert at: HAHAHAHA no

[y]ear born: 1983

[z]odiac sign: Aquarius
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