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Such a nice day...

Today, hakudoushi, brevisse and I all went to Ellicot city.

I love it there. Its so nice... and it was a great day to go. The temperature was perfect, the sun was out and I loved it. Rachel bought her mothers day presents. I am sad, because I don't have anything for my mother. I'll call her tomorrow of course. But we ate at the small little cafe. I had a chicken sandwich. it was good. Then we got dessert at this little bakery. I got a chocolate chip muffin. And oh my god, its good. I couldn't even finish it. I had a few bites and was like whoa. I'm saving it though. I'll have it for breakfast in the morning.

There were also many dogs out today. Which is good. I got to pet some of them, they were just too adorable. :D

So all in all, it was a good day. Tomorrow though, I will have to do laundry and study lots and lots, for I have 3 tests on monday. ;__; 2 in my japanese class and my last chemistry test before the final.

Have any of you seen whats been going on at chuunin today? There has been so much drama about this new community _anbu_ that its funny. Its for the "elite" Naruto fans... but the people who created the community can't even spell right. I think its uchiha_itachi or whatever her normal livejournal name is. Anyway, you people should check it out. Its good for a laugh. ^^

EDIT: Ahhh, it wasn't long before all the drama was reported. This is truly great.

EDITx2: non_1337_naruto has just been created in a response to all this stuff. You must all join!! Don't worry. There won't be any test to take or a resume to submit. ^_^
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