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Well, I studied. Hopefully I will do ok on my 2 japanese tests tomorrow. Hopefully she didn't make them insanely long so that we are there forever and ever. I will study more for my chemistry test after those 2 tests are over. I'm SO freaking glad my sociology final isn't tomorrow too. I'd die!

Cheerios rolled in at about 8 or something like that. As her mother was leaving, Cheerios told her mother that she could take the elevator. Down to the tunnel. (note: on the elevator, there is the "T" level. The "T" stands for terrace.) There is no tunnel. Rachel and I were in the common room while this small conversation went on. It was funny. She is so stupid. I wonder how many more years she will be here... I mean, I already know that I will be here a little longer, but she's already 26 or something like that! hahahaha, I laugh at her.

There have been a lot of posts over at non_1337_naruto today. ^_^ We've also gotten a few others to join! But we need more, More!!! You must all spread the word!!
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