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Was she kidding?

So, I went to Japanese class, all ready to take the test as soon as class started. Did that happen?


So I got a little worried. What if I didn't have enough time to finish it?? She decided to finish the utilization first. And we had a lot of those. So, 9:30 rolls around. She still hasn't started the test. 9:50 and still nothing. Then, at just a little after 10, when all the utilization was done, she handed them out. It was only one page. At first I thought she was kidding. I looked around to make sure I wasn't missing a page or something. But that was it. And it was damn easy. I was so relieved. I wish she would make all of her tests like that. Nadayoshi-sensei gets points for that one.

Now, I must study more for my chemistry test. I really hope I can at least get a C on that one. I NEED a C in this class or I will literally kill myself. I will, I'll jump out the window and everything!

Oh, and this was just funny. The person said it was supposed to be an abstract picture of Kikyou. But man, its pretty freakin scary.

Oh, and this quote was from King of the Hill last night. I thought it was hilarious:

I like my drinks how I like my men; uh... Strong, sweet and under an umbrella

EDIT: While sitting here in the library, someone just got on the intercom and asked for Jeff Corwin!! He must be here!! How exciting!!!

....Back to studying.
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